Auto Delivery

Automatic Delivery – Let us do the worrying for you!

  • Nittany Energy calculates fuel usage and delivers fuel automatically when needed, based on your history and adjusted for current temperature forecasts.
  • Tanks will be filled at each delivery.
  • May require 30 day credit terms and delivery approval.

Never Forget to Order Fuel Again. Call your local office to sign up today!

If you run out of fuel, due to our error*, during regular business hours, delivery will be made right away. If you run out after hours, 10 gallons of fuel will be delivered by a service tech, there will be no service fee, you pay only for fuel and your regular delivery will be made the next business day.

Making a Change to Your House or Household? Going On an Extended Winter Vacation?

Let us know so we can adjust your deliveries.

*When on automatic delivery, it is your responsibility to notify us of any changes in consumption.

We assume no responsibility for run outs if: you use an alternate heat source, add a new room or rooms, have a major change in household (retirement, an elderly parent, new baby, etc), install or remove an oil fired hot water tank, go on an extended winter vacation, etc. If you move or sell your home, and are on automatic delivery, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately of the change.

Any fuel delivered without notification from you will be billed to you and due from you.