Residential Energy

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            In need of the perfect energy solution for your home?  Look no further than Nittany Energy.  Spend more time worrying about the things that matter:  Your family, your friends and your favorite activities.  Let us ease the stress and keep track of your energy concerns while you enjoy the finer things.

We offer different plans to fit your needs:

  • A fixed rate is a guarantee that you’re always paying the same price regardless of market fluctuation. By choosing a fixed rate, you’re locking yourself into one rate for the duration of your contract, and will be charged the same amount per kilowatt hour each month, regardless of electricity price changes. Fixed rates are especially inviting to business due to their simplicity: No need for usage forecasting, budgeting or price uncertainty!

  • Need a rate that is both flexible and helps you save money? Then a variable rate might be the perfect product for you! Nittany Energy’s variable rate plan provides customers with prices that are not only competitive, but provide the flexibility of a rate that changes from month to month.

    When you choose a variable rate, you’re able to benefit from market conditions. When the market prices go up, your rate also increases. More importantly, when the market prices drop, your rate will drop too. Those committed to following energy market prices and adjusting their usage accordingly are capable of saving money every month of the year. With Nittany Energy, you’ll remain informed of monthly changes so we can help you save money and stay in the know.

  • Let us help you! Nittany Energy is dedicated to helping our customers find what they’re looking for when it comes to great rates. Contact us for assistance.